‘Bad Water’ – Book Two in the Aztec Elements

Here’s a first peek at what the cover of book two might look like!

First impression of cover art for 'Bad Water'

First impression of cover art for ‘Bad Water’

Last week was an important week. Last week, I received the first royalties from both Amazon for the Kindle version of the book (15 sold) and from Grosvenor House Publishing for the paperback sales (22 UK sales and 5 USA). £23.90 and £29.24 respectively. Woo-hoo! It feels great to know that people are reading my work and some are even giving good reviews!

Mayan calendar ‘predicts’ the end of the world

In spite of all our advances in science, technology and society, humanity is still deeply superstitious. The animal part of brain still startles at threats, however irrational they are. Most of you will be aware that the 21st of December 2012 is the supposed end of the Mayan ‘Long Count’. The Long Count counts the progression of the 52 year calendar cycle that was used across Central America before the invasion by the Spanish.

This headline from the New York Times: MOSCOW – There are scattered reports of unusual behaviour from across Russia’s nine time zones.

This article from the BBC – Aberdeen academic discusses ‘the end of world’ theory

NASA is the voice of reasonNASA to doomsday theorists: You’re wrong!

There will probably be more hysteria and certainly more interest in this in the next fortnight as we countdown to the apocalypse and I think, on the whole, this is a good thing. Why? Because it’s a reminder that we’re not as far removed from our ancestors of 500 years ago. The difference between us and the Aztecs and the Mayans before them is just that they had a framework to make sense of their periodic calendar endings whereas we have science. Of course the trouble is that science doesn’t provide an answer in this case, it simply states that the evidence doesn’t suggest the need for an answer. Maybe that’s just not very satisfying for our deep-root animal brains.