Nezahualcoyotl – Flute of the Smoking Mirror

I’m reading ‘Flute of the Smoking Mirror’ by Frances Gillmor. It’s a real gem and is providing me with ideas for book two. Here’s an extract…

One day in the market place he saw a procession of herb women and midwives leading a woman through the aisles between the close-shaded stalls. She scattered corn meal before her where she went, bidding farewell to the place forever.
    “For tonight you go to the bed of a great lord,” one of the women told her in the hearing of the boy.
    But the boys in the Calmecac whispered to him the truth.
    “Tonight she will be killed and skinned in honour of Toci, our Grandmother. Her skin will be taken to the temple of Cineteotl, son of Toci, as has been done since the princess of Culhuacan was skinned in Tenochtitlan…”
    He watched her go in the procession of midwives. He watched the mock battle in which she was pelted with yellow flowers so that she would not weep…she must go gladly to her death, deceived into happiness.

Library promotes local author’s book

A few months ago, I tried to persuade my local library to carry a poster advertising this website and the forthcoming book. I had to break out my best bottle of charm, but it did work. Since then, the poster’s gone, but I dropped by the library again just before Christmas to ask them if they’d like to adopt a copy of my book which they eagerly agreed to. So I dropped in today, to see where they’d put ‘New Fire’, and bless me if they haven’t gone and put a nice see-through plastic jacket on it and put it right next to the door on a promotional stand with about two-dozen other books! I sneaked a look inside at the lending record and things are less happy there. It’s yet to be loaned out. :( Still, sooner or later, it will snare some unsuspecting passer-by.

Tomorrow, ‘New Fire’ is free to Kindle owners. After tomorrow, there will only be one more day it will be available for free and that will be in February.

Amazon UK – ‘New Fire’ – Free on Kindle, 20/01/2013

Amazon USA – ‘New Fire’ – Free on Kindle, 20/01/13

Please let your reading friends know if they haven’t already got it.

Author of ‘New Fire’ has a fan

I got this lovely note from my publisher yesterday…

I thought you might like to know that you have a fan in the ‘New Fire’ proof-reader who sent the following as an aside to email correspondence:

“As a side note, I’ve heard that Philip Dickinson, author of ‘New Fire’ which I proofread a while back through Grosvenor, has written a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed working on ‘New Fire’ and would love to proofread for him again if he approaches Grosvenor to publish this new book.”

To which I replied…

It’s very gratifying to hear from people who genuinely enjoyed reading my novel. Writing a great story was, after all, what I set out to do.

Since the publication of ‘New Fire’ in October, I have been busy trying to network with folks in the hope of getting some impetus behind it. Remains to be seen how successful I’ve been but I have 8 good reviews on amazon UK and 2 on amazon US, so maybe it will begin to go ‘viral’ this year.

So, where is book #2? I have got a reasonably robust chapter plan and 10 pages of writing so I’m on the way! Plenty of historical tidbits to use and stronger character development planned too. The trouble is that I only get about 2 hours of writing time a day which equates to approximately 3-5 pages of manuscript per week. At that rate, you should see a draft for proofing a few months into 2014!!!

I’m going to spend less and less time self-promoting now to allow me to focus on research and writing for ‘Bad Water’.