Ideas and suggestions for the title for book #2


Has anyone got any suggestions for the title for book #2? The theme is Aztec Elements. The second word has to be ‘water’ and the first word needs to be an adjective. The current working title is ‘Bad Water’, but my friend John says it’s not a great idea to have the word ‘bad’ in the title. I’ve got to admit that his suggestion, ‘Dark Water’ works well, especially as one of the scenes takes place in a flooded cavern.


The effect of price points on Kindle sales…

…is not as direct or simple as you might think. I changed the price of ‘New Fire’ from £3.50 down to 95 pence on Kindle thinking that it might boost sales as it brought the book within range of many casual purchasers, those prepared to take punt on an unknown book and author for the loss of a handful of small change.

If anything, the effect has been the reverse. From a post a few weeks back, you can see a chart that shows sales were dropping but since the reduction, I’ve sold just one eBook in four weeks! Although it’s hardly a statistically significant sample, I’m convinved that there’s an important link between price and perceived value, much like two identical but unkown vases; one in a charity shop and the other in an antiques store at 100x the price. Which is the more desirable? How many people will walk past the ‘junk’ in the charity shop without a second glance?

I’ll be raising the price to £2.99 or thereabouts at the end of the month. Or…do you think I should bump it up to £4.99 to continue the experiment? After all, I’ve got nothing to lose.

Escaping slaves

“A slave who got [taken] as far as the market place had one last chance of regaining his freedom. If he could escape from the market place and reach the sanctuary of the ruler’s palace he became a free man, and the law gave him a sporting chance by forbidding anyone but the owner or the owner’s son from trying to catch him. Any other person who interfered in the chase was punished by being enslaved himself.”

From Warwick Bray’s ‘Everyday life of the Aztecs’.

‘New Fire’ reviewed by Historical Novel Society

It has been five months since I sent a copy of ‘New Fire’ to the Historical Novel Society, hoping they would read it and find it good enough to post a review on their website. I’m delighted to say that the waiting is over and the review is pretty good. The HNS reviewer’s criticisms are that; the names are tricky, as everyone has said, and the book takes a while to get into its stride, which I cannot dispute. On the plus side, the review comments that “…the author has been extremely adventurous with his subject, the accuracy is incredible and compliments must be given” and “…it is definitely worth persevering, for once the story does get going, it bowls along – so hang on for the ride!”

It’s fair to say that I’m chuffed to bits. For the full review, click here.