Author woos local library

It seemed like a reasonable question to me. I stood in the library with a quizical expression on my face and a determination to not move until I got an answer. I asked one more time, just in case I’d done it wrong the last time around.

“So you say you’re prepared to put posters up of local events and places of interest, but you’re not prepared to allow a local author to promote a book…this being a library and all.” I looked at the shelves all around me, as if to make sure I was in the right place. “Don’t you think that’s a shame?”

Well the good lady behind the counter was applying regulations and she had the good grace to acknowledge that it would be nice to allow local authors to promote their books in the library.

“Leave your card with me and I’ll ask the management,” she said.

So I returned five days later and there was good news! Someone in the council run West Sussex library service had graciously agreed to allow me to present an A4 poster advertising my novel which would remain on the notice board (I was promised) for “a while”.

So the moral of this story is ask nicely and then ask nicely one more time. Finally, put on your best confused and slightly hurt expression and then ask the person you’re asking to ask someone more senior, just in case. This leaves me with one problem…I need to print a poster! :-/

3 thoughts on “Author woos local library

    • Tee-hee! I should have done shouldn’t I?

      “I see, so you don’t want me to post information about a book?”
      “Do you have any Homer?”
      “Er, no.”
      “Not today.”
      “Jane Austen?”
      “Not much call for that around these parts.”
      “Not much call!? Alright then, Dick Francis.”
      “Dick who?”
      “Alister Maclean?”
      “Usually sir but the van’s late today.”
      “Ah, yes!”
      “Lovely! I’ll read some of that.”
      “It’s a bit runnier than you’d like.”
      “I don’t care how f**king runny it is, hand it over!”
      “Oops, the cat got it.”
      “Look, this IS a library isn’t it?”
      “Of course sir! Finest library in the village.”

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