The Spanish Edition

A Spanish version of the book seems inevitable since the story is set in Mexico.  Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and according to Wikipedia, Spanish has something like 400M native speakers.  Hopefully I can persuade Michelle or Angel to translate the first scene for this blog!

On a different tack, here’s an extraordinary fact about the Mexica that I came across while researching the book.  According to Frey Diego Duran’s ‘Book of the Gods and Rites and the Ancient Calendar’,

“The bride and the groom’s mantle’s are tied together after consenting to the marriage.  They are then led to her house where she must walk around the hearth seven times.  The happy couple are then left alone to consumate their marriage and proof of virginity is desirable.”  It goes on to talk about the banquets in both her house and his house and then, this is the amazing bit…”A marriage contract is drawn up and possessions are listed in case of divorce.  The document was held by the parents.”  So the Aztec people had prenuptial agreements long before the so-called civilised world did!  Underestimate ancient civilisations if you want to run the risk of looking ill-informed.


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