Progress update – a journey in self-publishing

It’s a month since I published and it ought to be a good time to take stock. Here are some facts and figures on the ‘New Fire’.

Kindle copies sold in the UK: 17
Kindle copies sold in the US: 3
Paperback copies sold via Amazon UK: 6 (estimate)
Paperback copies sold via Amazon US: 2 (estimate)
Paperback copies sold myself: 10
Paperback copies as gifts: 17
Number of Amazon reviews: 3
Average Amazon review rating: 5-star!!!

Costs of publishing, website, business cards, posters and miscellaneous: £2000
Estimated breakeven date (based on above rates of return): June 2025.

My latest initiative to raise the profile is to ask reviewers on if they would consider ‘New Fire’. Aside from the 5-star reviews, the most important thing to me is that I’ve made an earnest start on book 2 now! As alluded to before, I have enough historical material to write a trilogy. Here goes…

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