Author of ‘New Fire’ has a fan

I got this lovely note from my publisher yesterday…

I thought you might like to know that you have a fan in the ‘New Fire’ proof-reader who sent the following as an aside to email correspondence:

“As a side note, I’ve heard that Philip Dickinson, author of ‘New Fire’ which I proofread a while back through Grosvenor, has written a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed working on ‘New Fire’ and would love to proofread for him again if he approaches Grosvenor to publish this new book.”

To which I replied…

It’s very gratifying to hear from people who genuinely enjoyed reading my novel. Writing a great story was, after all, what I set out to do.

Since the publication of ‘New Fire’ in October, I have been busy trying to network with folks in the hope of getting some impetus behind it. Remains to be seen how successful I’ve been but I have 8 good reviews on amazon UK and 2 on amazon US, so maybe it will begin to go ‘viral’ this year.

So, where is book #2? I have got a reasonably robust chapter plan and 10 pages of writing so I’m on the way! Plenty of historical tidbits to use and stronger character development planned too. The trouble is that I only get about 2 hours of writing time a day which equates to approximately 3-5 pages of manuscript per week. At that rate, you should see a draft for proofing a few months into 2014!!!

I’m going to spend less and less time self-promoting now to allow me to focus on research and writing for ‘Bad Water’.

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