An email to Nook from a UK author

Well done Nook! You have finally begun to get your act together! It is now possible to upload a manuscript to Nook but I still cannot create a vendor account using a UK bank account. When do you think this will be possible?

You need to accept SWIFT bank codes or IBAN numbers as the ‘routing number’ is USA only. Also, you need allow the author to specify a UK tax address. Only the USA is possible at present.

Philip Dickinson

2 thoughts on “An email to Nook from a UK author

  1. And Nook’s answer was…

    Thank you for asking about NOOK Press.

    At this time, NOOK Press is available only to publishers with a U.S. Bank Account and a U.S. Tax ID which are both tied to a U.S. address.

    Please visit us often at for updates.

    • They really are a colossal bunch of idiots. They are so far behind Amazon that they’re practically climbing down from the trees, hooting and dragging their knuckles along the ground.

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