Aztec Art

This breathtakingly beautiful Aztec work of art is Quetzalcoatl’s death mask. ‘Quetzalcoatl‘ means ‘feathered serpent’ and is the name of one of the Aztec’s principle deities.

Death mask in the image Quetzalcoatl

Death mask in the image Quetzalcoatl

This image was sourced from Wikimedia Commons and is available to use subject to licence term. The original photograph is the property of © Hans Hillewaert

In other news…
I am immensely grateful to fellow author Austin Briggs for promoting the second novel in the Aztec Elements series, ‘Dark Water’ which is due out next year. I was humbled to read his endorsement of ‘New Fire’. I hope to post an extract of one of Austin’s works here very soon or perhaps an interview.

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