End of Days


Today marks the start of the PR campaign to raise interest in my novel entitled “New Fire”.  It’s a historical fiction set in 1455AD in the reign of Moctezuma I.  It’s an extraordinary period in history that is not well covered.  The people and the culture are fascinating too, something that has a lot of mystique, partly due to the lack of records from around that time.  Thanks to Cortez and his men, all the indigenous archives were destroyed so we have very little reliable information on how the Mexica (as they named themselves) lived.

The novel itself deals with the lives of a couple of young warriors caught up in the political turmoil that takes place over the course of a handful of days around a ceremony referred to as the ‘Binding of the Years’, an event that occurred every 52 years as the Mesoamerican calendar.  A New Fire had to be lit in a complex religious ceremony to appease the gods and ensure continuation of the world as they knew it.

I’ll be posting more information here soon and some extracts from the book too. I look forward to hearing from you.



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