About the Author

My name is Phil.  I’m married.  My wife and I have three children of assorted types and ages.  We live in West Sussex, England.  I’m fulfilling a life-long quest to be a writer whilst holding down a more traditional job as a project manager in IT.

About the Books

This blog relates to a trilogy that I plan to write, set in Mexico circa 1455 AD.  The proposed book titles in the ‘Aztec Elements’ trilogy are:

  • New Fire
  • Deep Water
  • Cold Wind

The story revolves around a warrior called Jaguar, seventeen years old when we first meet him, and a cast of characters from Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Mexica empire.  The trilogy sees Jaguar trying to survive the political machinations of the ruling factions in a nascent superpower in a time when war and human sacrifice were commonplace.


I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jean Norton and my sister Melanie who have both given generously of their time to read and provide detailed feedback on the first book.  My heartfelt apologies to Byron Pearson, the only person who I managed to persuade to read the first draft of ‘New Fire’ which was, frankly, horrendous.  I’ll make it up to you one day Byron.  Thanks also to Ben Heywood who reviewed the first few chapters for me back in 1996 and was ‘polite’, thus sparing my fragile ego.


6 thoughts on “Background

  1. Can you straighten the picture up? It’s a nice symmetrical pattern and the picture should be symmetrical too. (In my opinion).

    • Absolutely not! The interpolation would corrupt the integrity of the image. When I go the Mexico I’ll take a new picture and do it on the level! :-)

    • Well it’s lovely to hear you say that but the rose-tinted spectacles of time must have dropped over your eyes. :) The rewrite was a big, big task and not without justtification.

  2. Whiling away my time on the train to another contract, I thought I’d give the movie on my memory-stick a flick. Co-incidence or the heavenly bodies aligning? It was Alien versus Predator (2004). The co-incidence being the connection between the elements of Aztec ‘civilisation’ in the film and the subject matter of the novel and me having watched the film just before reading the first bit of the novel (or is there a ‘conspiracy’ afoot?).
    I am convinced this augurs well for budding novelists in Providence’s calendar for the decades of success to follow such as a co-incidence.
    And given the excellent work to date, I am sure others are eagerly awaiting the next free installment!

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