Countdown to Champagne launch of book!

Thanks to those who voted for their favourite cover. I have now officially approved the cover with the Aztec calendar stone. Although it wasn’t my choice, my blog readers and Facebook contributors voted roughly 70/30 in favour. I trust my audience. :)

I have also had to submit the Amazon blurb which I was shocked to discover had to be kept to 100 words or less! How cruel is that? To have to distill years of hard graft to just 100 words. How to do it justice? Anyway, here’s what I submitted…

Drought has taken a terrible toll on the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, but worse is still to come. It is the final days of the sacred calendar and the New Fire must be lit, to appease the gods and keep an apocalypse at bay.

Meanwhile, war and dark politics are at work, and the high priest hatches a devious plot to undermine Tlacaelel, the ruler’s brother, and break the stranglehold of the burgeoning secular state.

One young warrior is caught up in the high priest’s conspiracy and has to stay alive long enough to rescue a friend and unmask the traitor.

Availability on Amazon can only be a week or two away!

A proper author

Thanks to my good friend Jean, I got an invitation to a book launch yesterday evening and met Robyn Young, author of bestselling historical fiction such as Brethren, Crusade, Requiem and Insurrection. Yesterday saw the launch of her latest offering ‘Renegade’, a clash between Kind Edward and Robert Bruce. It was great to meet Robyn, if only briefly and see what a book launch looks like in the traditional publishing world.

Meanwhile, I’m a step closer to the launch of ‘New Fire’ as I have now signed a contract with Grosvenor House Publishing, an outfit based in the South of England that specialises in helping writers to self-publish. I dispatched the contracts and cheque yesterday with a promise to send the ‘final’ draft for proof-reading by next Monday! This shouldn’t be an impossible task as I finished draft #4 on Monday. It’s quite scary to think that I’ll have to let go and stop tweaking, fixing and changing, but I have to draw a line under this somewhere, especially as the target publication month of October is nearly upon me.