Free copies of ‘Dark Water’ – READ THIS

Hi folks, this offer is open to signed up subscribers of this website. I have 3 copies of ‘Dark Water’ to give away. My copies of the book arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands and I hope the excitement rubs off on you. Reply to this article and say “I want one!” First three respondents will receive a signed copy in the post.

3 free, signed copies of ‘New Fire’

To enter the competition to win a signed copy of ‘New Fire’, leave a comment here explaining why you deserve a free copy. Competition closes 28th of Feb 2013. Judges decision is final. Submissions on other social media sites are also being taken into consideration but the winning three entries will be posted on this site.

Library promotes local author’s book

A few months ago, I tried to persuade my local library to carry a poster advertising this website and the forthcoming book. I had to break out my best bottle of charm, but it did work. Since then, the poster’s gone, but I dropped by the library again just before Christmas to ask them if they’d like to adopt a copy of my book which they eagerly agreed to. So I dropped in today, to see where they’d put ‘New Fire’, and bless me if they haven’t gone and put a nice see-through plastic jacket on it and put it right next to the door on a promotional stand with about two-dozen other books! I sneaked a look inside at the lending record and things are less happy there. It’s yet to be loaned out. :( Still, sooner or later, it will snare some unsuspecting passer-by.

Tomorrow, ‘New Fire’ is free to Kindle owners. After tomorrow, there will only be one more day it will be available for free and that will be in February.

Amazon UK – ‘New Fire’ – Free on Kindle, 20/01/2013

Amazon USA – ‘New Fire’ – Free on Kindle, 20/01/13

Please let your reading friends know if they haven’t already got it.

Free, signed copies of ‘New Fire’ go to…

I’m pleased to announce the lucky recipients of a free, signed copy of ‘New Fire’ are:

1) sushil@rapatwar
2) TheWord
3) jcoldridge
4) marquzz295
5) roger_hartshorn
6) slimyedda
7) da
8) Wicks Wickramasinghe
9) wk57
10) Russell

These winners have been chosen at random from those of you who registered with this blog before the 1st of October. I will email each of the winners individually to ask for a postal address so that I can dispatch the book when it’s finally published. As the manuscript is going through the typesetting process right now, this shouldn’t be more than six weeks away.

I received the exciting news on Monday that ‘New Fire’ now has an ISBN number! Here it is: ISBN 978-1-78148-789-1