Free, signed copies of ‘New Fire’ go to…

I’m pleased to announce the lucky recipients of a free, signed copy of ‘New Fire’ are:

1) sushil@rapatwar
2) TheWord
3) jcoldridge
4) marquzz295
5) roger_hartshorn
6) slimyedda
7) da
8) Wicks Wickramasinghe
9) wk57
10) Russell

These winners have been chosen at random from those of you who registered with this blog before the 1st of October. I will email each of the winners individually to ask for a postal address so that I can dispatch the book when it’s finally published. As the manuscript is going through the typesetting process right now, this shouldn’t be more than six weeks away.

I received the exciting news on Monday that ‘New Fire’ now has an ISBN number! Here it is: ISBN 978-1-78148-789-1