Cover Art for Dark Water

I’m very excited about the artwork Owen has done for the cover of ‘Dark Water’. It perfectly captures the mood of the novel and gives a taste of one of the key scenes from the story.

Book Cover for Dark Water

This is the current proposed cover for Dark Water, Codex 2 of Aztec Elements.

In other news, proofreading will be complete by the end of the month so the publication of ‘Dark Water’ looks set for April 2015.

Aztec Elements, Codex Two

Dear readers,

I can at last share the blurb for ‘Dark Water’ with you.

The young priest Clawfoot discovers that his success has invited only enmity. He does have a powerful ally though. The high priest, Feathered Darkness entrusts his precocious acolyte with a crucial mission to safeguard the priesthood from treacherous political games.

Little Maize begins to despair when she realises that she has lost Clawfoot to his new calling. She dreams of escape from the oppressive workhouse that has been her prison for five years.

The twenty year reign of Moctezuma Ilhuicamina has delivered stability, commerce and a time of plenty, fuelled by an aggressive expansion of the empire. Here too though, success has given rise to jealousy for there is no shortage of family members with a claim to the throne.

Caught again at the centre of unfolding plots, the loyal warrior, Heart of the Jaguar, will find that things are not all they seem and when duty calls, his resourcefulness will be tested to the limit.

Comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

In the next post, I will share the current cover design for ‘Dark Water’ that comes hot from my gifted graphic designer friend Owen Benwell of Human Design. It’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous and perfectly captures the mood of ‘Codex Two’.

On the sequel to ‘New Fire’

At last, an update on the long-awaited sequel to ‘New Fire’ which was published in October 2012! I can reveal to readers of my blog that ‘Dark Water’ should be available to buy in April this year. That’s right…it’s taken almost 2.5 years to go from a blank sheet of paper to the final draft. I’ll reveal more about ‘Dark Water’ here in the coming weeks, but first, I want to share with you the changes that Owen Benwell has done for me on the cover of ‘New Fire’ which of course is now book one in a series.

Edition 2 of New Fire cover

Two things to note:

  1. Codex One – this is the first codex in the Aztec Elements trilogy
  2. The title on the spine has been rotated through 180 degrees

This is how book one will look in a few weeks time. Naturally the first edition will become highly sought after by collectors! ;-)

Author of ‘New Fire’ has a fan

I got this lovely note from my publisher yesterday…

I thought you might like to know that you have a fan in the ‘New Fire’ proof-reader who sent the following as an aside to email correspondence:

“As a side note, I’ve heard that Philip Dickinson, author of ‘New Fire’ which I proofread a while back through Grosvenor, has written a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed working on ‘New Fire’ and would love to proofread for him again if he approaches Grosvenor to publish this new book.”

To which I replied…

It’s very gratifying to hear from people who genuinely enjoyed reading my novel. Writing a great story was, after all, what I set out to do.

Since the publication of ‘New Fire’ in October, I have been busy trying to network with folks in the hope of getting some impetus behind it. Remains to be seen how successful I’ve been but I have 8 good reviews on amazon UK and 2 on amazon US, so maybe it will begin to go ‘viral’ this year.

So, where is book #2? I have got a reasonably robust chapter plan and 10 pages of writing so I’m on the way! Plenty of historical tidbits to use and stronger character development planned too. The trouble is that I only get about 2 hours of writing time a day which equates to approximately 3-5 pages of manuscript per week. At that rate, you should see a draft for proofing a few months into 2014!!!

I’m going to spend less and less time self-promoting now to allow me to focus on research and writing for ‘Bad Water’.