Gird your loins! Publishing is the easy bit.

This weekend I’ll be posting scene three from chapter 1 and I’ll also be posting scene one again but in Spanish! More on this later. In other news though, thanks to David de la Harpe for being so generous with his time and thanks to Dave Scott for sharing the contact with me.

David de la Harpe is the self-published author of Power Pups who is gearing up to wage a PR war and he’s committed a great deal of time to researching the subject. He schooled me on the likes of Robert Ringer, Patrick Lennon and John Locke, all self-publishing success stories in their own right.

David appears to be carefully plucking the key ingredients from the above authors’ strategies and combining them in a sort of marketing wine press designed to extract an elixir of success. I must admit to feeling a little humbled when I’d put the phone down. I have been aware for a while now that to simply publish an e-book and expect it to be a success is equivalent to laying a grain of sand down on a beach and waiting for someone to find it, but what I haven’t really worked out is just how hard I am prepared to work to change that! Standing on London Bridge and handing business cards to all and sundry is a fun stunt, but not at all well targeted and therefore – very probably – a waste of time.

Anyway, good luck to David. I wish him luck and success. I have some thinking to do. Did I just want to write a great story or did I intend for lots of people to read it and if so, just how am I going to bring this about?

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  1. Kudos to you, Phil! The number of times I’ve thought about setting-up a little “drumming” busk somewhere , but never have! Do you have any evidence as to its success? (I know you’ve said you’re not expecting much)

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