Only three weeks to finalise the cover art

Half of the proof-reading is done! Within two weeks I’ll have the remainder back and will need to send the whole thing off for typesetting shortly afterwards. The end is in sight.

I’ve been trying to work on some new ideas for the cover. I can’t make my mind up whether to follow the mainstream historical fiction covers and incorporate some figures. It would make things more interesting, but the problem is that good artwork costs money…and I’m on a budget. I’ve had a go at drawing some warriors. Perhaps they’ll look OK if they’re small enough and blended in to a larger backdrop.

Aztec Warriors

Image of Aztec warriors for use in New Fire cover?

You know what it’s like when you’ve been working on something so long that it just leaves you cold?

2 thoughts on “Only three weeks to finalise the cover art

  1. Not that I know anything about this publishing malarkey, but for what it’s worth I think you either need a professional artist or graphic designer to do the artwork (Which doesn’t mean you have to pay, you might be able to get someone to do it for a percentage or for free as a part of a portfolio.) or you need a photo. Have you looked at licensing images from an picture library?

    • Dave, you’re right about using professionals and good quality materials. Some of the cover art does come from photo libraries but where I’m really stuck is with photos and lifelike art featuring Aztec warriors. So the answer may be to avoid it altogether and just use what I can easily obtain. Pfff!

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