Practice makes perfect

‘That was your cue to gently cradle the kindling next to the embers you witless turd!’ Spittle sprayed as Cloud Face ranted on. ‘If you dump that stuff all over the fire-drill at Colhuacan we are all going to die! Do you understand?’

Snake Eyes nodded but it wasn’t enough. The high priest of Huitzilopochtli spat contemptuously and glanced down at the gangly youth on the altar, or what was left of him. Something deep inside the shattered human remains was trying to stay alive. The jaw worked and the eyes rolled down and looked up at the skeletal frame of Cloud Face looming above him. The high priest transferred the dark knife to his right hand and bent over his victim, then slowly, almost tenderly pushed the knife down through the boy’s eye socket until the hilt jammed against his face. The body spasmed weakly and then lay still. Cloud Face retracted the blade and examined it as though trying to understand why it was covered in blood and then he advanced on Snake Eyes.

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